I am pleased to present the company Mira Mar 08 Ltd, founded in 2008 and specialized in production, import and distribution of high quality gourmet products presented to the Bulgarian market in both retail and HoReCa channel.

Mira Mar 08 Ltd offers everything you need for your tea and coffee business - a portfolio of high quality hot and cold drinks, integration of proven techniques and concepts, training of personnel, programs, quality control - all that guarantees your success.

But perhaps what might be of a great interest for you is the private label of coffee and tea - your brand with your logo, a full personalisation of hot and cold drinks.

Our goal is to bring beauty and elagance of true luxury in everyday life of our clients and friends and our aim is to meet the needs for high quality products on the Bulgarian market, and thus meet the high demands of your customers. Therefore we have selected range of products with proven origin and certificates of quality.

Our mission is to expand coffee and tea culture in Bulgaria, providing high-quality beverages at reasonable prices.

Our customers believe in us and are satisfied with the high quality service and personal attention to each one of them.
Our numerous accounts are spread throughout Bulgaria - big cities, Black Sea coast, mountain and spa resorts. Among our clients are boutique hotels, 4 and 5 star hotels, gourmet restaurants and bio-shops and cafes.

Our interest and log-term goals are expanding the coffee and tea culture in BulgariaOur advantage is the trust that our clients have in us. Afterwards come the unique, high-quality products with a fair price.
Our customers believe in the quality of our services and know that they are an essential part of our company. Customers trust us because we have a personal relationship to every one of them.

Our team knows everything about our products and knows the market. We are flexible and we are reliable.
Each team has its own merits and personal qualities. The president of the company - Jordan Dabov has extensive European experience as F&B manager in a 4 star hotel chain. He is a member of SCAE (Specialty Coffee Association of Europe), Certified Barista - second degree and authorised SCAE coffee instructor. He is also a judge at COE (Cup of Excellence) and at numerous national and international barista championships.

Our product portfolio:

  •     We offer high quality coffee "DABOV Specialty Coffee", with a huge choice of single origin coffees and gourmet blends.         We offer only freshly roasted coffee in our boutique gourmet roastery.
  •     We offer a variety of high quality teas "DelmarTe"

  •     We offer the most delicious chocolate drinks - hot and iced chocolate "La Vita".

Our equipment:

  •     Professional, fully automatic coffee grinders with a dispensing mechanism "Anfim".

  •     Professional barista equipment and accessories  "Motta" and "Concept Art".

  •     Alternative methods for the preparation of coffee "Chemex" and "Hario".

  •     High quality porcelain "Ancap".

Our services:

  •     Consultancy on coffee and tea business

  •     Preparation of concepts

  •     Preparation of private brands


  •     paper cups for capuccino, latte and espresso

  •     posters

  •     leaflets

Our service:

Unlike our competitors, we at My Gourmet World insist on fair relations with our partners. We are not just another provider of your products and machinery, but a partner who cares about your success. We are a team of experts and consultants and we will install your equipment, we will make all the settings on them, we will train your staff to work with barista tools and periodically will take care of the quality of the drinks. Our consultants are available to help you with your orders, with making coffee menu and portfolio and creating a menu of alternative coffee brewing .

Our training:

To be a wholesale partner of My Gourmet World you should have your employees trained to use and maintain properly your machines and to prepare excellent coffee. When buying machines from My Gourmet World, we will install the machine and then teach your employees how to operate and maintain the equipment. Training is an essential part of the process because it guarantees the high quality of your products. That's why we insist on the learning process and the subsequent quality control.

Financial packages:

Depending on the profile and the budget you have available, we can offer a variety of financial packages that will best suit your needs. We understand that starting or expanding a business is never so easy, so any financial assistance you can get in your way is helpful.

As a supplier of specialty coffee, our priority is aimed at the owners, managers and customers baristas who strive for excellence in providing high quality coffee to customers.


Please contact us to learn more about what we can offer via email : sales (at) dabov.bg or by phone call at: 0885 155 733.

Deliveries: Distribution is provided by local distributors or logistics companies. In the region of Sofia-city have our own distribution network. All our clients rely on accurate delivery.

Jordan Dabov
/CEO & president/

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