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Coffee variety "Arabica" coming from plantations in South America is known for the average grain size and soft acidity. We love the chocolate and caramel flavor of this variety of coffee. That's why we offer coffee coming from the field Tolima, located in the western part of Colombia, in the Andean region. In the southern part of this area are the slopes with the most suitable climatic conditions for the cultivation and production of coffee - soft and pleasant by taste.


TASTE               chocolate, dark forest fruits

AROMA            flowers, citrus, lively

BODY                strong

AFTERTASTE    long with pleasant acidity

Our Suprimo 18 is grown at an altitude of 1700 to 1950 meters. It’s gathered manually from March to June. This is some high class Colombian coffee - carefully hand-picked, sorted and tested so as to solve the unique flavor of the beans. The taste is soft, with medium acidity and a hint of cherry and chocolate shades. Makes dense and thick crema.

  • Country: Colombia
  • Region: Huila
  • Farm: Small frams cooperative
  • Variety: Catura
  • Altitude: 1850 m
  • Treatment: washed
  • Roast level: Full city

DABOV Specialty Coffee

Coffees by DABOV Specialty Coffee are selected after numerous cuppings and tests. Only coffees from plantations that maintain quality and have suitable micro climate for growing coffee are selected. Our coffees are "special" and are harvested by hand, roasted in special machine for gourmet coffee and packaged within 1 hour of roasting to preserve the aroma.


100% fresh roasted Arabica coffee


Keep in dark and dry places, out of odors.


Оne-sided valve and zipper for easy storage

Best before

12 months from the date of roasting

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Colombia Supremo Sc. 18+ - DABOV Specialty Coffee

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