Coffee catering is a project by Аssociation of Bulgarian Baristas in cooperation withDABOV Specialty Coffee – leader in the gourmet products territories – coffee, tea and hot chocolate.

The purpose of this new project is to show you that good coffee opens new corridors for you.

We work with professional equipment for tea, coffee and hot beverages. Your drinks are prepared by professional baristas.

We are mobile and flexible – we are able to create your own cafeteria in any spot according to your needs.

  • Opening a new office
  • Company presentations
  • Celebrations
  • Reviews
  • Conferences
  • Congresses
  • Corporative actions
  • Concerts
  • Festivals
  • Balls

You should not underestimate your coffee drink’s quality when having an important corporative happenings, having in mind that prepared by a professional barista a good shot of espresso can influence on your partner’s and client’s decisions. A well chosen product and not an underestimated detail (as the drinks are usually appreciated) can show your potential or already stable clients your attitude to the business.

Offering and choosing high-quality drinks, prepared by professional baristas can only give good appraisal for your happening.

Is there actually something better for surprising your partners, guests and friends than a cup of perfect latte, with your logo pictured on top. Possibilities to impress are numerous. Just ask us for it!

Coffee is a main part of a coffee pause, that’s why it is needed to pay attention to it, not to put it in the end of your priority list (as it usually happens). Quality coffee drink gives perfect interpretation for your attitude to your guest. If you want them to feel highly appreciated, you should choose a delicious coffee that will charm and surprise them. The quality will be appreciated by everyone, even by a layman.

Which one of our coffees should you choose? As we offer large variety of high-quality coffees, coming from different plantations and farms around the world, we should make the appropriate choice for you, that will charm with taste and aroma your guests, after gustation with our specialists.

Why DABOV Specialty Coffee? Our coffee is roasted at our own roastery by demand which guarantees its freshness. We choose our coffees after countless gustations by our master roaster, our head barista, and our company manager who is an international cupper at the most prestigious coffee competition – Cup of Excellence.

Choosing one of DABOV Specialty Coffee’s products guarantees your guests remarkable experience, leaving long “aftertaste” by your happening.

What else? To let them keep a memory from your happening your guests could be surprised with small presents with the same coffee they had, packed and branded by your design.


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Coffee pause - individual offer

Coffee pause - individual offer

The service of DABOV Specialty Coffee - coffee catering, offers individual solutions for each client. We are able to bui..

0,00 лв.

Coffee pause - up to 100 people

Coffee pause - up to 100 people

For whom it is intended: Each event is strictly individual and requires specific training. To be different to showcase y..

799,00 лв.

Coffee pause - up to 250 people

Coffee pause - up to 250 people

For whom it is intended: Each event is strictly individual and requires specific training. To be different to showcase y..

1 199,00 лв.

Coffee pause - up to 50 people

Coffee pause - up to 50 people

For whom it is intended: Each event is strictly individual and requires specific training. To be different to showca..

549,00 лв.

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Record prices achieved at Oro of Santa Bárbara
Small and medium producers were the big winners in the "Santa Barbara Gold" competition, with several of them selling their coffee at a thousand dollars per quintal dry parchment.For four days, 25 international judges of eleven nationalities tasted 60 lots of coffee that had pre-qualified to participate in the competition, choosing the ten best aromatics from the land of the reed.The grain grown in San José Colinas, became the Oro de Santa Bárbara coffee, reached a rating of 90.9..

To offer you a Specialty Coffee experience...

In order to offer you a Specialty Coffee experience, we chose to buy only Specialty green Coffee and to roast it in one of the best roasteries used by Specialty Coffee roasters worldwide.

The machine, is the German "Probat". The capacity is 12 kg., which makes it the most useful amongst the roasters of Specialty Coffee, ie. sometimes it is not possible to buy an amount bigger than 30 kg. These are special vintages of coffees that producers sell only to pre-approved roasters.

DABOV Specialty Coffee  is selected after numerous cup tastings, both locally at origin and in our laboratory. The green coffee is roasted at different levels and tasted several times in several different methods of extraction.

Jordan Dabov is responsible for the quality of the green coffee. He travels every year to the producing countries where he  selects the green coffee and negotiates the terms. Jordan Dabov is also a member of the international jury at the contest Cup of Excellence, which gives him the opportunity to taste a number of excellent lots every year.

The choice of green coffee Jordan Dabov does after meeting the farmers at the place of production, getting acquainted with the processing of the coffee, the way of storage and transportation, and finally with the flavor profile of different lots of coffee.