The blend Vertigo is 100% Arabica. The coffee beans come from different regions - Guatemala, Colombia and Indonesia. After experimenting in roasting and mixing, finally we have found the espresso blend, which is full-bodied and lively, with playful flavor, fresh aroma and long finish that long after the last sip reminds you of distant lands.

TASTE dark red fruits, blueberries and cocoa
AROMA wild, alive, flowerly
BODY strong
AFTERTASTE Pleasant aftertaste, pleasant acidity

Our coffees are imported directly from plantations in highland areas with the most suitable climatic conditions for growing coffee. Our coffees are picked up manually and special care was taken during growing and processing.

 One of the most important factors in determining the quality of the coffee is freshness. Our coffee is roasted daily and on demand, which ensures its exceptional freshness.

Country: Guatemala, Colombia, Indonesia

Region: different regions

Varietal: Arabica Typica, Caturra, Bourbon

Processing: Colombia and Guatemala – wet; Indonesia – pulped natural.

Picked up: manually

Roast: Full city

Preparation: Temperature of the water 94ºC


DABOV Specialty Coffee

Coffees by DABOV Gourmet Cafe are selected after numerous cuppings and tests. Only coffees from plantations that maintain quality and have suitable micro climate for growing coffee are selected. Our coffees are "special" and are harvested by hand, roasted in special machine for gourmet coffee and packaged within 1 hour of roasting to preserve the aroma.


100% fresh roasted Arabica coffee


Keep in dark and dry places, out of odors.


Оne-sided valve and zipper for easy storage

Best before

6 months from the date of roasting

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Espresso blend Vertigo

  • 18,20 лв.

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